Local Short Film Wins Best Animation @ Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival

November 15, 2010 33 Comments
Carl Knickerbocker's short film "A Dog Goes From Here to There" awarded best animation Melbourne Independent Filmmakers Festival.

Find more videos like this on Downtown Arts District

Here’s a list of the winners of the Fimmakers Festival:

People’s choice: “The Old Livingston House,” directed by Jeffery Lamb

Robin and Eddy Independent Spirit: Todd Thompson, director of “Crooked”

Kelly’s Hard Cider Crystal Apple (directors’ peer award): “Beware,” directed by Jason Daly

Florida Filmmaker: “Time Served,” directed by Bill Ronat

Action: “Doomsday County,” directed by Shawn Haran, Art Brainard, Joe Badiali and Steven Shea

Animation: “A Dog Goes From Here to There,” directed by Carl Knickerbocker

Cinematography: “Red Princess Blues,” directed by Alex Ferrari

Comedy: “A Short Film,” directed by Rick Williamson

Documentary: “Safe Haven: The Warsaw Zoo,” directed by Gary Lester

Drama: “Car Wash,” directed by James Kicklighter

Horror: “The Uh-Oh Show,” directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis

Musical score: “The Only Band in Town,” directed by Rod Blackhurst

The We Care Care That You Care Celebrity: Bill Goode

Best volunteer: Billy Both

FLORIDA TODAY 90 Seconds to Fame winners:

Judges’ choice, comedy and overall: “Garbage Man” by Steve Beres
Judges’ choice, animation: “Florida Racing” by Jim Betz
Judges’ choice, documentary: “A Modern Look at the Ancient Art Of ...” by Jerry D. Preston
Judges’ choice, youth film: “America the Beautiful” by Brad Hamilton
Judges’ choice, horror: “Collection” by Brandon Nally
Judges’ choice, drama: “Stray” by Robby Sparks
Voters’ and judges’ choice, Space Coast Mashup: Erin Lally
Voters’ choice, drama and overall: “False Sense of Security” by Paulette KingMorin
Voters’ choice, documentary: “This Is Ed” by Bob Krissak
Voters’ choice, comedy: “Supersonic Chipmunk Juice” by Abigail Trout

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